How can you change your mindset to attract new ideal clients?

In today’s blog post I will show you how to change your mindset (phase II), explain briefly why your thoughts, beliefs and your attitude play such an important role in having the right mindset and share five steps how to develop a client attraction mindset so you get new ideal clients fast and consistently. This article builds upon blog post 8 – phase I (March 2020).


  • Why is the right mindset important to attract your ideal clients?
  • What exactly is a mindset?
  • What is an attitude?
  • What is a winning growth mindset?
  • How can you change your mindset?
  • How can you develop a winning growth mindset?
  • How can you embrace a winning growth mindset in sales conversations?
  • How can you create a client-attracting mindset?
  • What is the best mindset in getting new clients and getting paid well?
  • How to prepare any sales conversation.
  • What do you believe in your mind?
  • What we believe inside is what we manifest outside.
  • What about people who can´t afford me?
  • Mindset phase: A 5-step process
  • Summary

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