In today’s blog post, I will share 7 steps for taking the right action as a service provider (Phase III) so you attract ideal new clients quickly and consistently into your business. If your company sells products, the process and strategies are similar. This article builds upon Phases I and II (see my March and April 2020 blog posts).

In my Phase I blog post, I shared how I built my law practice upon a referral system. This system has many advantages and that´s why I highly recommend it. However, one big disadvantage is that it takes time to produce results this way.

In my Phase II blog post, I shared how to develop a winning mindset that keeps you on course and focused on your long-term vision, values and goals.

If you can´t wait until your referral system is producing results, you may want to combine it with a sales system that includes direct sales conversations. Using both systems can complement each other perfectly.


  • What actions can you take to attract your ideal new clients?
  • Action Phase: 7 steps for powerful sales conversations
    • Step 1: Prepare
    • Step 2: Ask for the Conversation
    • Step 3: Follow up and invite your clients
    • Step 4: Contacting you
    • Step 5: Book a call
    • Step 6: How to discuss fees
    • Step 7: Sign up your ideal new client

What actions can you take to attract your ideal new clients?

  • Be specific in the goals you want to achieve.
  • Develop a clear offer that you believe in and can easily articulate to others.
  • Reach out to people in your current network and ask if they can recommend you to anyone they know.
  • Be consistent and persistent in your communication to your community.
  • Use paid online advertising, such as Google or Facebook.
  • If you’re stuck, get help from someone who’s successful in your field.

Action Phase: 7 steps for powerful sales conversations

Step 1: Prepare

These questions will help transform your doubt and allow your potential clients to see the true value of your offer. Clients trust you because you trust yourself, and when you trust yourself, you become an expert in client attraction.

It’s not the strategy that connects you with a client. It’s the energy behind the strategy. This is why it’s important to prepare before a conversation.

What do I want to feel during this conversation?

  • Consciously choose how you want to feel. For example, you might want to feel happy, connected, energized, or passionate.

What is most important for me to bring forth during this conversation?

  • Instead of focusing on selling during your conversation, tap into your skills, values, and inspiration. This will automatically engage a potential client.

What do I have to release to have a heartfelt connection?

  • Perhaps it’s an attachment to get a yes, needing the money or anxiety about naming your prices.
  • Make a decision to release this, so you can replace it with a heartfelt connection to your ideal client.

Why are my products and services the best?

  • If you’re not crystal clear as to why your offer is the best in your industry, how can a potential client get excited about it?
  • You need to combine your inner game with the best strategies to get results for your clients.
  • What end-result does your ideal client expect? How can you deliver this?
  • List all the benefits and results your ideal clients can achieve from your offer.

What´s the best possible outcome I can imagine from this conversation?

  • Don’t let fear guide you. For example, imagine that you achieve the best outcome for your client and they will pay in advance for a one-year contract.

Step 2: Ask for a conversation

Here are some ideas for how to start a conversation with potential new clients:

Email: If you have a list

  • Email individual people who might be interested in your offer.
  • Include an invitation to a call to action in your emails.
  • Include your call to action on each piece of content and invite your prospects to schedule a sales conversation with you.
  • Offer a special coaching session, workshop, webinar, or 5-day challenge.

Social Media: If you don´t have a list

  • Post or tweet an invitation at regular intervals.
  • Include an invitation on your website and/or at the end of blog posts.
  • Reach out on LinkedIn to your target audience.

Create opportunities for potential new clients

  • Create an opportunity list of ideal new clients.
  • Contact them and offer a complimentary strategy session.

Step 3: Follow up and invite your clients

  • Not following up with prospects is a common mistake.
  • Being consistent builds trust.
  • Connect from a sense of service, not desperation.

Step 4: Contacting you

  • How do you want your ideal client to engage with you? For example, your website, interviews, social media, blog post, articles, videos, etc.

Step 5: Book a call

  • During the call, ask leading questions to determine:
    • Are they my ideal client? If so, offer a free strategy session.
    • Identify what they want and their time frame: What is their gap? What do they want to achieve? Give them a solution that will get them there.
    • Could they become a source of referrals?

Step 6: How to discuss fees

  • Ask yourself:
    • What is the end result I’m offering my clients? 
    • What are the benefits of my clients achieving this end result?
    • What is this process worth to my clients? 
  • Practice vocalizing your fees before a call. Say it out loud and say it often, so it becomes comfortable to do so. 

Step 7: Sign up your ideal new client

  • Have your contracts/agreements and payment processing available.
  • Congratulations! You have an ideal new client!

Supporting you

To get your business up and running during this difficult time, you will need to attract new clients. I´m available to support you by helping you overcome your fears, stress, and anxiety as you rebuild your business or start a new business that gets you back on the path of success.

I invite you to reach out if you feel stuck and don´t know how to get started. Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session:

Coming up next month…

In my next blog post, I’ll share how to build your own referral system and what you can do to make it work.

Stay tuned!



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