Welcome to Marius Bill & Associates in Chicago!

Do you need an assessment of your legal problem?

I invite you to have a conversation with me about your current legal challenge. In this conversation we will determine the next steps you will need to take in order to solve it.

How can I help you?

  • Comprehensive legal advice in labor and contract law

  • Drafting and review of legal contracts and terms and conditions

  • Set up customized employment contracts

  • Write a legal advisory opinion

  • Finding optimal legal solutions

  • Out-of-court dispute resolution to create win-win solutions

  • For any other request, such as legal representation in court, I will help you to find specialized local lawyers, who will represent you in court.

What does an hour of legal consultation cost?

60 minutes of legal consultation will cost $ 199. Billing takes place every 10 minutes ($ 33)

How can you contact me?

Please go to my contact page and send me a message with your full name, email address and Skype name and a short description of your problem. If you do not have Skype, Zoom will be a great alternative and I will send you a Zoom invitation. The phone option is only available for clients in the US and Canada.

I look forward to be of service to you! Don´t hesitate to contact me!