How can you re-imagine your current business and onboard new clients?

In recent conversations with entrepreneurs, they´ve told me that their businesses have been hit so hard financially that they will need to start over. These entrepreneurs are going through very dramatic and painful experiences and I have a lot of compassion for them. I understand their fears and frustrations that come along with the recent developments and uncertainty.

I decided to write this article to inspire and encourage them to find new ways to serve their existing clients while attracting new clients into their business.

In today´s blog post, I will share a client attraction system that got me my first five new clients. To spark your inspiration, I´ve included a personal story that illustrates how I used my Ideal Client Attraction Blueprint. 

This system is applied in three phases: Preparation, Mindset Mastery, and Right Action. This article focuses on the Preparation phase of 7 steps that will help you to lay a solid foundation for attracting new clients fast and consistently.


  • Why is it so difficult to attract new clients?
  • Personal Story
  • Key to success
  • What are the reasons you don´t have clients?
  • How to attract your ideal clients quickly
  • Phases of the Ideal Client Attraction Blueprint
  • Preparation phase: A 7- step process

Why is it so difficult to attract new clients?

If you find it challenging to attract new clients, ask yourself:

  • How are you showing up for your clients?
  • What can you do to be of great value to your clients?
  • How can you give your clients an opportunity to get to know you?
  • How can you communicate the same brand message every time you show up?
  • What inspires you when you are there for your clients, lead the way, and show them what’s possible?
  • How can you make offers that convert?

Based on my personal story I will demonstrate the Ideal Client Attraction Blueprint in all three phases:

Personal story

When I first began my career as an attorney, I was excited to be my own boss.

I provided legal services in contract, labor, environmental and renewable energy law to companies that built wind farms. These companies needed specific contracts, legal advice and help with any legal issues related to their project. My services and the solutions I provided matched this need perfectly.

Although I was clear on my unique selling point (business background, in-depth knowledge, and skills), and how I could help my target clients, I quickly realized that clients weren´t just appearing in my law practice (=Preparation phase).

So I started to search for ways to address this issue. I explored events where I could find potential clients. I spoke with my friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, and former colleagues and shared how I could help (=Action phase).

A month later, all my efforts resulted in just one new client a friend had referred to me. This outcome was very disappointing. For a few days, I considered giving up and getting a job. The more I focused on this option, the more confused I felt about my life´s purpose and mission. My mind entertained all kinds of negative thoughts and I felt unable to gain the clarity I needed to make an informed decision.

A few hours later, after jogging for several miles, my mind was clear and calm enough to see other options. Suddenly, I remembered the words my mentor liked to say: Be your own observer and notice the feelings in your body while asking specific questions. Then you will be able to gain the clarity you need to make an informed decision.

When I returned home, I sat down in a comfortable position and quieted my mind further. I then asked myself if I should continue with my law practice or give up. Suddenly, I noticed my stomach aching when I thought about giving up. When I thought about continuing, I didn´t notice any discomfort anywhere in my body. I repeated this process several times, and I got the same result every time.

The next day I decided to continue with my law practice and do everything I could to serve this one client well (=Mindset phase).

Three days later the new client came to my law office. He was in his 30´s and we connected immediately. His case was not very difficult and I was able to settle the issue within a week. He was very happy with the outcome (=Action phase).

In our last meeting, he told me two of his friends would need my services. He had started telling other people about his experience and how satisfied he was with my legal services. As a result, I had five new clients within a few months! The new referral system expanded quickly from there.

What was the key to success?

I believe that building relationships and having authentic conversations is the key to the success of a referral system. In order to make this system work, you need to be aware of:

  • Your mindset (thoughts, emotional responses, beliefs, and habits).
  • How you showed up (e.g. negative self-talk, or enthusiasm and confidence).
  • How you position yourself.
  • How you build rapport with others.
  • How you nurture relationships and build the know, like and trust factor.
  • How you talk about your services.

In summary, the key to success is to have:

  • A winning mindset, with positive thoughts and empowering beliefs. I will share more about a winning mindset in my next article.
  • Clarity and confidence about the benefits and value you provide.
  • The right actions on a daily basis.

Building your business on a referral system is a great way to attract new clients. It takes time but is sustainable. It will lead to great success when done properly! 

What are the reasons you don´t have clients?

  • People don´t know you.
  • Prospects don´t trust or like you.
  • You haven´t position yourself as an expert.
  • You’re telling yourself things like “I don’t know enough”.
  • You don´t exude confidence.
  • You’re not making offers that are attractive to your ideal client.

How can you attract your ideal clients quickly?

Based on my experience and knowledge as coach, consultant, lawyer, and entrepreneur, I’ve combined the wisdom from Michael Port´s book[1] with several other concepts into my own methodology of 7 effective steps for building a solid foundation to attract your ideal clients. 

Phases of the Ideal Client Attraction Blueprint

Phase I – Preparation

Phase II – Mindset

Phase III – Action

Preparation Phase, a 7-step process

The preparation phase consists of seven steps. It would be ideal to complete all of these steps before you build a referral system.

If you have trouble with any of these steps, I am here to support you to gain the clarity you need. We will explore other options and opportunities to get your business up and running again.

Step 1: Intention

  • How many new ideal clients do you want in the next 30 days?
  • Visualize how you enjoy working with these new ideal clients.

Step 2: Target market

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What kind of client energizes and inspires you?
  • Why is this client ideal for me?
  • List all the qualities, values or personal characteristics your ideal client has.

Step 3: Problem > Solution

  • What problem is your ideal client facing?
  • What needs and desires do they have?
  • What solution is your ideal client looking for?

Step 4: Build trust and credibility

  • How can you establish yourself as a likable and trustworthy expert?
  • What does it take to build more relationships of trust?
  • What needs to change to support your credibility?

Step 5: Create a personal brand

  • What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?
  • What makes you unique and memorable?
  • How will you communicate your uniqueness?
  • Understand, why people buy what you are selling.
  • What are the benefits of your products and services?
  • Have a brand development plan in place.
  • Be concise and consistent with your message.

Step 6: Your solution & offer

  • What is your client’s pain point?
  • What kind of specific solutions (products/ services) to their pain can you offer?
  • Who are the people who use the kind of services you offer?
  • Speak in their language clearly and specifically.
  • Utilizing these points will create a connection with your prospective clients.

Step 7: Value &  price

  • What value do you provide?
  • What is your offer worth to the client?
  • What kind of service or product creates great benefits for your ideal client?
  • Determine the optimal price for your product or service.
  • Don´t buy into the poverty mindset.

Summary of the 7-steps

Step 1: Intention 

Step 2: Target market

Step 3: Problem > Solution

Step 4: Build trust and credibility

Step 5: Create a personal brand

Step 6: Your solution & offer 

Step 7: Value & price

Supporting you

I´m available to support you through this difficult time by helping you overcome your fears, stress, and anxieties and to re-imagine your business in new creative ways so you can create certainty for yourself.

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute consultation:

Coming up next month…

In my next blog post, I’ll share Phase II of the Ideal Client Attraction Blueprint so you can attract your ideal clients with ease and joy.

Stay tuned!

[1] Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition, 2010.


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