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Beliefs create your thoughts. Thoughts create your emotions and your emotions determine your actions.

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Hi, I am Marius. It is an absolute pleasure to meet you!

I am passionate about making the world a better place by helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to grow their business. Entrepreneurs are changing and shaping the world faster than every other group. I am here to support you in creating a thriving business.

  • My specialty and joy is business coaching, combined with leadership and mindset coaching. All three together give you the boost in knowledge, skills, and transformation you need to change your business around.
  • You are in the right place if you are looking for support and solutions to your current business problems. I will guide you with my experience and knowledge as a coach, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Success is just a phone call away! I support you to rise up to your next level of high performance, income, and results.


  • How can I create a thriving business?
  • What strategy will create a sustainable business?
  • What leadership skills do I need to embrace to lead my team and company to success?
  • How can I create financial stability, freedom, and live my ideal lifestyle?
  • How can I develop great relationships with other business owners and referral partners that will help me to grow my business?
  • What does it take to develop a winning and a growth mindset?
  • How can I handle setbacks with ease? etc.

You will find more information here:


  • ► Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • ► Executives, lawyer, and manager
  • Companies who want to become sustainable and environmental-friendly


  • ► Evaluate their NEEDS
  • ► Deep LISTENING 
  • ► Identify the “real” CHALLENGE 
  • ► Create a roadmap for sustainable SUCCESS with the right BUSINESS STRATEGY
  • ► Challenge all of their ASSUMPTIONS
  • ► Encourage an empowering GROWTH & WINNING MINDSET
  • ► Support them to gain CLARITY about the next ACTION steps
  • ► Help them MANAGE their TIME & STRESS and increase RESILIENCE
  • ► Support them with any LEADERSHIP challenge
  • ► Help them to build their sustainable ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY BUSINESS
  • ► Keep them ACCOUNTABLE until they ACHIEVED their GOAL


  • ► ACHIEVE their business and financial GOALS
  • ► Attract more CLIENTS and make more MONEY
  • ► BRAND, Marketing and PRODUCT ADVANTAGE by producing sustainably
  • ► LEADER in uncontested markets

Through DEEP LISTENING what is going on for my clients and asking them probing questions I help my clients:

  • ► To understand their own assumptions
  • ► Gain clarity what needs to be changed
  • ► SHIFT their fixed MINDSET attitude from what is currently not working to an empowering growth MINDSET
  • ► A growth & winning mindset opens up new possibilities for business growth

Are you interested in ACHIEVING your GOALS and seeing POSITIVE RESULTS?


I invite you to book a Free 30 minutes introductory CALL with me!

To schedule, a call use the link on top of this page or the following link to my scheduling system:

I look forward to being of service to you!


  • What will happen after I paid for a coaching package/program?
    • You´ll receive a thank you and confirmation email for your purchase and a second email that will outline the next steps of our coaching engagement.
    • The second email will contain several documents, such as a coaching contract and an intake form.
    • You´ll need to sign and send back the coaching contract within 48 hours after you received the email.
    • The intake form needs to be filled out and send back at least 24 hours before our next session.
  • ► Can I pay with a credit card?
    • Yes. If you choose to pay with a credit card there will be a small additional credit card fee you´ll need to pay in addition to the coaching package price.
  • Where can I schedule the coaching session?
  • ► What will happen in the first and second coaching session?
    • We will lay a solid foundation for our work together, and create a clear vision for your business.
    • We´ll set specific measurable goals (milestones) you would like to achieve during our coaching engagement.
    • Depending on what you have chosen, a structured or unstructured coaching approach, I will encourage you to do several assessments, such as an Energy Leadership Index assessment, strengths and value assessments.
    • These assessments will help us to create a reference point to measure your progress and what needs to get addressed during the coaching engagement.
    • Depending on your availability it would be ideal if you could do these assessments between the first and second coaching sessions.
  • What will happen between the coaching sessions?
    • At the end of every coaching session, you´ll agree to do an assignment and submit it 24 hours before our next session.
    • I will hold you accountable so you will get the results you committed to achieve.
  • ► How is each coaching session structured if I choose the structured approach?
    • First, I´ll ask you what you would like to achieve in this session and we´ll determine the session goal.
    • Second, we will address the assignment and what challenges came up for you.
    • Third, we´ll focus on the session´s topic/ goal and I´ll teach/guide you with questions to uncover what is blocking you, what you´ll need to change so you can achieve your desired result.
    • Fourth, I´ll check in with you if we achieved the session´s goal, what you learned and what you got out of our time together. I will briefly summarize it.
    • Fifth, I´ll give you the next assignment that you´ll need to complete and submit lasted 24 hours before the next coaching session.
    • In each session, I will make sure that you feel heard, and you can express your challenge in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


I use different methodologies, concepts, and business models from different schools of thought. This includes proven methodologies and concepts from neuroscience, business, psychology, coaching, NLP, leadership, mindset and emotional intelligence.

To name a few of the most important authors who influenced my methodologies:

⇒ John Maxwell, Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy

⇒ David Eagleman, Bruce H. Lipton, Bryon Katie

⇒ Rick Hanson, PhD, Daniel J. Siegel, MD,David and Lisa Rock

⇒ Dr. Joe Dispenza, Daniel Kahneman

⇒ Bruce D. Schneider, Daniel Goleman, Carol Dweck

⇒ Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, Rieva Lesonsky, Kai-Ingo Voigt

⇒ Roberta De Angelis, Oliver Gassmann, Joseph O´Connor, Jeremy Lazarus

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