The Importance of Core Values for Business Success

What is your benchmark when nothing works in your company? How do you orient yourself to make an important decision? The following article will help you with this challenge and provide orientation for finding solutions. The challenges you have in your business will show up as symptoms such as poor communication internally or externally. However, […]

The Importance of a Vision Statement

What gives you a clear orientation for finding a solution when things go wrong in your business? How do you handle changes in your business and in your circumstances? To answer these questions, we will discuss: Why it is important and valuable to have a clear vision statement for your business What can happen if […]

Book About Independence

Have you ever had the dream of being free and independent? It was my dream! That´s why I became an entrepreneur. If this is your dream too, I have a gift for you today. Click on the following link. I was invited by Donna Kozik (USA Today and Amazon bestselling author) to be a […]