In today’s blog post, I will share how to use the MOST analysis for your strategic decision-making.

Many companies have a mission defined and objectives set, yet sometimes these guiding statements lose focus by implementing business change.

As a result the strategy and tactics being executed fail to fully support that overall vision.

MOST analysis can help to bring back the right focus to achieve business success.


  • ⇒ What can the MOST analysis be used for?
  • ⇒ Why do businesses struggle?
  • ⇒ What is the MOST analysis?
  • What is your Mission?
  • What is your Objective?
  • What is your Strategy?
  • ⇒ What are your Tactics?
  • ⇒ How MOST analysis can help you
  • Summary

What can the MOST analysis be used for?

  • This technique evaluates a company’s overall strategy, the supporting activities and whether they are all in alignment or not.
  • It helps analyze what a company aims to achieve (mission & objectives) and how it aims to achieve this (strategy & tactics).

Why do businesses struggle?

Many businesses struggle when they try to set strategic direction and make plans. Why? The reason might be that they didn´t

  • Define clear objectives to ensure the success of overall mission
  • Didn´t define where the business needs to get
  • Didn´t define responsibilities, oversight, and control

What is MOST analysis?

MOST is short for Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics.

  • MOST analysis is used to improve internal processes and company culture by analyzing the company’s internal environment.
  • It often empowers businesses with a new sense of capability and purpose and turns their vision and ambitions into realistic, achievable goals and helps to build successful businesses.

What is your Mission?

  • The mission statement helps to realize why the company exists or why it was founded.
  • The mission defines in which industry the company operates and what it wants to achieve long term.
  • No matter what your goals are, your mission should be ambitious and designed to help position your business to succeed.

What are your Objectives?

  • Objectives are goals by which the company’s success can be measured. 
  • Every objective should be defined with the mission in mind. 
  • Objectives need to be Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (SMART).
  • If your objectives aren´t helpful, consider changing or disregarding them.

What are your Strategies?

  • Strategies are medium-term to long-term approaches to achieving the company’s objectives.
  • They can be comprehensive, and involve a number of different tactics.
  • Which strategy works depends on the market and the target audience.
  • Make a list of strategies that can be used to achieve your objectives.
  • If a strategy is ineffective or inaccurate, you should determine what isn’t working and change and adjust your strategy. 

What are your Tactics?

  • Tactics are used to define the short-term activities and projects with which the strategy is implemented.
  • Tactics are methods and techniques used within the company to achieve objectives, carry out strategies and realize (SMART) business goals.
  • They are usually simple processes that concern information, and team members or employees should be able to carry them out, even if they were not directly involved in doing the MOST analysis.

How MOST analysis can help you

  • You can use the MOST analysis for internal processes, in marketing, sales, growth and human resources.
  • It is designed to bring your entire company into alignment, and helps to have a strong sense of direction across all levels.
  • The MOST analysis helps companies break through communication barriers between various levels within teams by asking during every phase:

‘How does this help us to achieve our next-level goals?’


  • Key Point #1: MOST analysis is a simple tool for analyzing and planning.
  • Key Point #2: This technique is designed to bring your entire company into alignment, and helps to have a strong sense of direction across all levels.
  • Key Point #3: It can be used for internal processes, in marketing, sales, growth and human resources.

Supporting you

I´m available to support you through this difficult time by re-imagine your business. The MOST analysis will help you in your strategic decision-making process.

We will develop a tailored strategy that will help you to get your business fast running at its peak performance.

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session:

Coming up next month

In my next blog post, I´ll share how to use the SOAR analysis.

Stay tuned!

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