In today’s blog post, I will show you the 9 elements of the business model canvas blueprint.

In my last blog post I shared what a business model canvas is, who created this tool, what the advantages are and how you can test your business model performance.

Now, let´s explore the 9 elements of the blueprint and how you can use it for your company.


  • ⇒ What are the nine elements of the business model canvas blueprint?
  • ⇒ How to compare the different business models
  • ⇒ Summary

Business Model Canvas Blueprint

What are the nine elements?

Each of these nine elements contains a series of hypotheses about your business model that you need to test. To start, asked the following questions:

Element #1: Key Partners

  • Who is your key partner, and your key supplier?
  • Which key resources is your company acquiring from your partners?
  • Which key activities do partners perform?
  • List the partners that you can’t do business without.

Element #2: Key Activities

  • What key activities does your value proposition require?
  • What distribution channels is your company using?
  • How does your company build customer relationships?
  • What are the company’s revenue streams?
  • What do you do every day to run your business model?

Element #3: Key Resources

  • What key resources does your value proposition require?
  • List the top three revenue streams.

Element #4: Value Proposition

  • What value does your company deliver to your clients/ customers?
  • In other words, what need does your company satisfy?
  • Which of the clients/ customer challenges does your company help to solve?
  • What products and services does your company offer in each segment?
  • What is your company’s minimum viable product?

Element #5: Cost Structure

  • What are the most important costs inherent to your business model?
  • Which key resources and activities are most expensive?
  • List your top costs by looking at activities and resources.

Element #6: Customer Relationships

  • How does your company get, keep, and grow clients/customers?
  • Which client/customer relationships has your company established?
  • How are they integrated with the rest of your business model?
  • How costly are they?

Element #7: Channels

  • How would your clients / customers prefer to be reached?
  • How do other companies reach their clients/ customers?
  • What works best and is most cost-effective?
  • How do you communicate with your customers?
  • How do you deliver the value proposition?

Element #8: Customer Segments

  • For whom is your company creating value?
  • List the top three segments. Look for the segments that provide the most revenue.
  • Who are your most important clients/customers?

Element #9: Revenue Streams

  • For what value/product/services are your clients/ customer willing to pay?
  • For what do they currently pay?
  • What is your company´s revenue model? 

How to compare different business models

Comparing different business models is useful in addressing and answer the following questions:

  • If your company enters a new market, how will this affect the revenues?
  • If your company stops providing certain services, will it decrease the costs?
  • Why is the competitor’s model more successful than yours?


A business model canvas has 9 distinct elements. They are:

  • Element #1: Key Partners
  • Element #2: Key Activities
  • Element #3: Key Resources
  • Element #4: Value Proposition
  • Element #5: Cost Structure
  • Element #6: Customer Relationships
  • Element #7: Channels
  • Element #8: Customer Segments
  • Element #9: Revenue Streams

Supporting you

I´m available to support you through this difficult time by re-imagine your business. The Business Model Canvas will help you to analyze your current business model.

Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session:

Coming up next month

In my next blog post, I´ll share how to use the Business Model Innovation.

Stay tuned!

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